Sunday, 25 January 2009

I'm back!


Did you miss me? I know, I've been really bad at keeping you up to date but the past few months have been so busy I've barely had time to feed my Felsteed! Let me bring you up to date.

With Aggrion at my side (or about 30 yards in front of me) I've explored most of Outland. We battled the vicious beasts that roam Hellfire Peninsula, helped the Sporelings in Zangarmarsh, cleansed the barren wastes of Terokkar, marvelled at the beauty of Nagrand, negotiated the spikes of Blade's Edge Mountains, reunited the elements in Shadowmoon and had not long arrived in Netherstorm when rumours reached us of the discovery of a new continent....Northrend.

Aggrion, rather than excited by this news, seemed to lose interest in continuing to adventure and took himself away. I finally tracked him down to a corner of the Worlds' End tavern in Shattrath. To be honest it didn't take very long, but I decided to give him some 'alone time' (read consuming significant quantities of local red wine time). I have, on occasion, joined Aggrion on these drinking sessions, but that is another story for another time.

"Come on! There's a whole new place to explore!" I enthused, jumping up and down on the table in front of him.

"Hrumph" He grunted back to me, which I took to be his way of saying "Yes, I'd love to accompany my favourite little Gnome to investigate the new lands." He's a Nelf of few words.

I bounced of the table and started to tug at him. "Come on then! Lets go now! Hurry up!".

He sighed exaggeratedly and tried to hide a smile as he rose to his feet and let me lead him to the Stormwind Portal.

The new docks in Stormwind were breathtaking and we spent a few hours exploring before realising that we had to get a boat from Menthil Harbour in Wetlands instead...some signposts wouldn't go amiss!

Valgarde is set in a deep chasm on the Southeast coast of Northrend overlooked by the breathtaking Utgarde fortress. Within minutes of arriving in the town we were drafted to help deal with an almost constant attack from the Vrykul to the East.

I think Aggrion quite admires them, the half giants are accomplished warriors and a formidable foe. He does so enjoy any opportunity to truly test his combat skills. Personally, I think the world needs less giants. We recently met the Tuskarr who are far more to my liking being smaller and pretty cute looking...not as cute as me of course! But they do smell of fish and I'm really not a big fan of fish or water for that matter, doesn't suit my fiery nature.

But it is good to be adventuring again!

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