Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The best things come in small packages

I am in two minds about whether to discuss this publically. But what is the point of a blog if I am not open with my readers?

I've mentioned Aggrion a few times in posts, but I've not gone into any details. So let me introduce him properly Aggrion is a Night Elf Warrior. I met him at the Great Forge in Ironforge and was so mesmerised by his rippling muscles as he worked at the anvil that I nearly fell into the lava pit. He, on the other hand, didn't even see me (reaching only to his knees) but he did notice my succubus, Jhorlia, oh yes he did.

I spent at least five minutes jumping up and down and shouting to attract his attention, finally resorting to a well aimed shadow bolt to the calf. He quickly agreed that we could make a good team out in the wilds and would accompany me as my buddy come bodyguard. When I say me, I think he meant Jhorlia. But as she's my minion.....

In the months since we have faced many exciting adventures and mortal dangers, defeating all manner of evil nasties and survived a few nightmare instances. Our friendship has grown and strengthened. He has shown a great deal of interest in Jhorlia, but none, what-so-ever in me! And, when we retire to the inns after a hard days adventuring I hear the jokes he tells without considering how I might feel. "I don't mind the Gnomes,I'm just worried about tripping over them." Of course I laugh along, whoever heard of a Night Elf and a Gnome!?

Yesterday Aggrion suggested a jaunt to Western Plaguelands to help get him trained up and ready to go through the Dark Portal into Outland. I of course agreed to accompany him. Well, he's not all that bright and the Western Plaguelands isn't all that safe....

I arrived at the Alliance Outpost of Chillwind Camp shortly before him. While I waited I summoned my succubus, Jhorlia to teach her some new spells I had picked up on my last visit to Ironforge after reaching level 58. We were just finishing up when Aggrion's Gryphon landed a short way from us.

Off he hops and runs over to greet us both. Noticing Jhorlia he immediately starts to chat her up. Then launches into a dancing routine in some sort or misguided attempt to impress her. Jhorlia, who has more than her fair share of admirers was about as interested in his dancing as she ever gets about anything. That is she checked her nails and slapped her thigh.

I sent Jhorlia back whence she came and summoned out my faithful imp Jakpit. We spent a good few hours terrorizing the undead of Andorhal. Summoning icky cosmic slugs and searching out some annals in the heavily guarded City Hall on behalf of the Gnome, Chromie, holed up in what used to be the town's inn.

Finally, as the sun began to set, and we were both in need of rest and food we made our way back to Chillwind camp. We chatted briefly about the days successes and our gains against the evils of the Western Plaguelands. I decided that it was time to head back to Ironforge and, blowing him a kiss, activated my hearthstone. Just as the spell neared completion I noticed that Aggrion was flirting. Not with Jhorlia, not with one of the Chillwind inhabitants. But with me....little Ary....

As soon as I registered what had happened I was surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Ironforge. Aggrion many miles away and I hadn't even heard what he'd said!

So? I ask you. What does this mean? This is the first time he has shown even the slightest interest in me! Was he just seized by a moment of madness? Brought on by the bloodlust of successful battling? Or has he finally realised that size doesn't matter? That the best things really do come in the smallest packages!?

I'll keep you up to date as more happens!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Outland here I come..

I'm level 58! Level 58! How exciting! I can now stick my head through that scary Dark Portal that everyone has been talking about in the Blasted Lands. I'm getting extremely excitable about my first trip into Outland. I have heard tales amazing creatures and fantastic loot. I just can't wait!

I hit 58 whilst exploring in the Eastern Plaguelands with Aggrion and Iskaral. We spent a good few hours helping a small ghost find her scary looking doll, collecting termites whilst dodging undead and dispatching a not insignificant number of ghouls. I couldn't help but notice a impressive increase in the havoc I was wreaking and the damage I was inflicting on whatever got in my way. I'd like to say I was 'on fire' but I think you'll find that was my enemies ;)

Aggrion has a little catching up to do, being a little under a level behind me. Well! If you will hide out in the inns of Ironforge for weeks on end what do you expect? But has promised to do his best so that we can step through the portal together now now now! I'm sure my constant encouragement of "Are you nearly there yet?" has been helping him along the way!

Outland better watch out!

Saturday, 26 May 2007


While I was waiting for Aggrion to come out of hiding I was invited along to a guild 'fun run' in Scholomance. There was a little bit of a personality clash, with half the party wanting to take it slow and steady and the other half wanting to rush through at break-neck speed. I won't bore you with the details around this as I think I made my point about this subject in my last post!

To my absolute delight I had a fantastically lucky visit! It seemed appropriate to me that whilst the party was struggling to stay civil, I was needing on the most amazing items. The truly exciting moment came when Alanna's Embrace, an epic robe fell from the corpse of Ras Frostwhsiper . Technically I think he was already a corpse before we..er...killed him some more. But hey! Who cares!? He stopped moving and looked all squishy and crunchy.. And certainly didn't need these robes anymore!

Truthfully a fantastic priest item. But as the only caster in the party it fell to me to shout "NEED!!" and push everyone out of the way in a move that would have bargain hunters on sale day gasping in awe. For one awful moment the feral druid was considering fighting me for the item, but, taking one look at the evil glint in my eyes, she thought better of it and let the best Gnome win.

I look like a goddess in it I'm sure you'll all agree. Very little suits a gnome Warlock better than pink with white and gold detail.....okay....it doesn't quite go with my look. But it's EPIC! And if you squint and tilt your head slightly to the left the pink looks more lilac and almost matches my funky shoulders.

As if this wasn't good enough, I went on to acquire a pair of Dreadmist Wraps a perfect match for my Dreadmist Belt. Part of a set that now give me a lovely +200 armour. Not to be sniffed at. And they go just peachy with my shoulders and dress. It is, of course, essential to look great whilst you're shadow bolting everything to death!

Finally, to prove that good things come in threes I 'found' (for found read pried from the cold dead fingers of Darkmaster Gandling who thought that getting in our way was a good idea) a really nice wand. Bonecreeper Stylus is not one of those wishy washy sparkly girly wands, no, this is a wand a Warlock would be proud to wield. Just check this out.

So, I'm all tooled up! Now where to go?

Friday, 25 May 2007

Need for Speed?

It's been quite quiet for me recently, almost by accident I've gained a few levels and am half way to level 58...portal time! I have put serious play on hold though due to the absence of my warrior bodyguard, Aggrion.

I am beginning to wonder if Aggrion is actually traumatised following a recent trip to Blackrock Depths in the bowls of Blackrock Mountain. This was certainly the last time I saw him outside of Ironforge!

We were accompanied by a Rogue, Shadow Priest and Feral Druid. I probably should have seen the warning signs from the start when the druid, upon joining the party and seeing the make up asked if she should tank. No was the reply from Aggrion. Should she heal? No, was the reply from our priest Iskaral. I was half expecting her to offer to sap, pick locks and backstab, but we finally agreed that cat form dps would be best.

Of course she maintained this role for all of 5 minutes before she was launching fights in bear form, switching to cat and then out into nelf form to support Iskaral's desperate attempts to keep her and the rest of our party alive due to her hectic style. Aggrion began to cry "Give me time to build some aggro please..." over and over again until it became more mantra than request.

As this area is heavily populated with humanoids I had summoned my succubus Jhorlia (much to Aggrion's pleasure) , but she was barely able to do a thing as any attempts at crowd control were dashed as our druid rushed into combat or ignored raid markings in her hurry to set some sort of instance speed record.

You know me, I like to wreak miserable havoc wherever I go. I take pleasure in bringing down those that would oppose me. I get a pleasant shiver from seeing the corpses piling up before me. Don't get me wrong. But, I also like some organisation and control to the process. And in this run, there was none.

As the Rogue tried to get a sap in and Aggrion tried to maintain some levels of aggro, whilst Iskaral tried to work out which of the two tanks he needed to heal it became rapidly clear that this run would end in disaster or tears, maybe both!

I hear a lot of people shouting 'Hurry up! We can do this in 20 minutes" and I can't help but wonder at what repair cost?

Death is a part of the circle of life, especially in Azeroth where that circle keeps on spinning like a merry-go-round. If I die, I die. I don't sulk, I just run on back and pick up from where we started. But I do see it as a mini failure. To me, a good party won't wipe, or at least not through foolish errors. But the mentality of so many people seems to be that perceived speed is more important (and fun!?) than a clean, practised, chilled-out run. I'm not actually sure if you timed the two 'styles' that there would be much difference.

What I do know is that rushing in and racing about is not my style. I like to stop and smell the fresh blood. To admire the handy work of my party as we cut a path through our enemies.

I am beginning to think that I need to coax Aggrion out of the safety of Ironforge to slay the ghost of this bad experience! And maybe there's no better time than the present!