Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The best things come in small packages

I am in two minds about whether to discuss this publically. But what is the point of a blog if I am not open with my readers?

I've mentioned Aggrion a few times in posts, but I've not gone into any details. So let me introduce him properly Aggrion is a Night Elf Warrior. I met him at the Great Forge in Ironforge and was so mesmerised by his rippling muscles as he worked at the anvil that I nearly fell into the lava pit. He, on the other hand, didn't even see me (reaching only to his knees) but he did notice my succubus, Jhorlia, oh yes he did.

I spent at least five minutes jumping up and down and shouting to attract his attention, finally resorting to a well aimed shadow bolt to the calf. He quickly agreed that we could make a good team out in the wilds and would accompany me as my buddy come bodyguard. When I say me, I think he meant Jhorlia. But as she's my minion.....

In the months since we have faced many exciting adventures and mortal dangers, defeating all manner of evil nasties and survived a few nightmare instances. Our friendship has grown and strengthened. He has shown a great deal of interest in Jhorlia, but none, what-so-ever in me! And, when we retire to the inns after a hard days adventuring I hear the jokes he tells without considering how I might feel. "I don't mind the Gnomes,I'm just worried about tripping over them." Of course I laugh along, whoever heard of a Night Elf and a Gnome!?

Yesterday Aggrion suggested a jaunt to Western Plaguelands to help get him trained up and ready to go through the Dark Portal into Outland. I of course agreed to accompany him. Well, he's not all that bright and the Western Plaguelands isn't all that safe....

I arrived at the Alliance Outpost of Chillwind Camp shortly before him. While I waited I summoned my succubus, Jhorlia to teach her some new spells I had picked up on my last visit to Ironforge after reaching level 58. We were just finishing up when Aggrion's Gryphon landed a short way from us.

Off he hops and runs over to greet us both. Noticing Jhorlia he immediately starts to chat her up. Then launches into a dancing routine in some sort or misguided attempt to impress her. Jhorlia, who has more than her fair share of admirers was about as interested in his dancing as she ever gets about anything. That is she checked her nails and slapped her thigh.

I sent Jhorlia back whence she came and summoned out my faithful imp Jakpit. We spent a good few hours terrorizing the undead of Andorhal. Summoning icky cosmic slugs and searching out some annals in the heavily guarded City Hall on behalf of the Gnome, Chromie, holed up in what used to be the town's inn.

Finally, as the sun began to set, and we were both in need of rest and food we made our way back to Chillwind camp. We chatted briefly about the days successes and our gains against the evils of the Western Plaguelands. I decided that it was time to head back to Ironforge and, blowing him a kiss, activated my hearthstone. Just as the spell neared completion I noticed that Aggrion was flirting. Not with Jhorlia, not with one of the Chillwind inhabitants. But with me....little Ary....

As soon as I registered what had happened I was surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Ironforge. Aggrion many miles away and I hadn't even heard what he'd said!

So? I ask you. What does this mean? This is the first time he has shown even the slightest interest in me! Was he just seized by a moment of madness? Brought on by the bloodlust of successful battling? Or has he finally realised that size doesn't matter? That the best things really do come in the smallest packages!?

I'll keep you up to date as more happens!

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Damh said...

Kind of an "As the World Turns" warlock blog. We like it and will be checking back. :)

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