Sunday, 27 May 2007

Outland here I come..

I'm level 58! Level 58! How exciting! I can now stick my head through that scary Dark Portal that everyone has been talking about in the Blasted Lands. I'm getting extremely excitable about my first trip into Outland. I have heard tales amazing creatures and fantastic loot. I just can't wait!

I hit 58 whilst exploring in the Eastern Plaguelands with Aggrion and Iskaral. We spent a good few hours helping a small ghost find her scary looking doll, collecting termites whilst dodging undead and dispatching a not insignificant number of ghouls. I couldn't help but notice a impressive increase in the havoc I was wreaking and the damage I was inflicting on whatever got in my way. I'd like to say I was 'on fire' but I think you'll find that was my enemies ;)

Aggrion has a little catching up to do, being a little under a level behind me. Well! If you will hide out in the inns of Ironforge for weeks on end what do you expect? But has promised to do his best so that we can step through the portal together now now now! I'm sure my constant encouragement of "Are you nearly there yet?" has been helping him along the way!

Outland better watch out!

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