Saturday, 26 May 2007


While I was waiting for Aggrion to come out of hiding I was invited along to a guild 'fun run' in Scholomance. There was a little bit of a personality clash, with half the party wanting to take it slow and steady and the other half wanting to rush through at break-neck speed. I won't bore you with the details around this as I think I made my point about this subject in my last post!

To my absolute delight I had a fantastically lucky visit! It seemed appropriate to me that whilst the party was struggling to stay civil, I was needing on the most amazing items. The truly exciting moment came when Alanna's Embrace, an epic robe fell from the corpse of Ras Frostwhsiper . Technically I think he was already a corpse before him some more. But hey! Who cares!? He stopped moving and looked all squishy and crunchy.. And certainly didn't need these robes anymore!

Truthfully a fantastic priest item. But as the only caster in the party it fell to me to shout "NEED!!" and push everyone out of the way in a move that would have bargain hunters on sale day gasping in awe. For one awful moment the feral druid was considering fighting me for the item, but, taking one look at the evil glint in my eyes, she thought better of it and let the best Gnome win.

I look like a goddess in it I'm sure you'll all agree. Very little suits a gnome Warlock better than pink with white and gold doesn't quite go with my look. But it's EPIC! And if you squint and tilt your head slightly to the left the pink looks more lilac and almost matches my funky shoulders.

As if this wasn't good enough, I went on to acquire a pair of Dreadmist Wraps a perfect match for my Dreadmist Belt. Part of a set that now give me a lovely +200 armour. Not to be sniffed at. And they go just peachy with my shoulders and dress. It is, of course, essential to look great whilst you're shadow bolting everything to death!

Finally, to prove that good things come in threes I 'found' (for found read pried from the cold dead fingers of Darkmaster Gandling who thought that getting in our way was a good idea) a really nice wand. Bonecreeper Stylus is not one of those wishy washy sparkly girly wands, no, this is a wand a Warlock would be proud to wield. Just check this out.

So, I'm all tooled up! Now where to go?

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