Friday, 1 June 2007

Through the looking glass

Stepping through the looking glass is almost exactly how it felt actually! And the similarities between myself and Alice with her blond waves and pretty blue and white dress are really :)

I met with Aggrion at Nethergarde Keep and we rode down to the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands. It really is an impressive and awe inspiring sight, even to an experienced Warlock like me! I felt quite tiny as we gazed over the wasteland that lead to the great glimmering and shimmering green of the portal.

As we got closer we were greeted by Watch Commander Relthorn Netherwane, pouring over a map of Outland. The picture he painted of the lands beyond the gateway was not pretty at all! He went on to request our support in the battle that raged on the other side. Not quite the encouraging start we were hoping for! We agreed to report to Commander Duron once through.

As we stood in front of the portal trying to build up the courage to take the final steps into what, for us, was the completely unknown, it almost felt as if something was gazing back at us...

"Ready?" asked Aggrion and I nodded, whilst my imp, Jakpit performed a number of somersaults. Taking a deep breath Aggrion took my hand in his, then took one step forward (I took about five) and the world tilted.

The ringing in my ears began to ease off and my vision cleared and we were standing at the top of a great flight of steps looking over a wasteland.

I had thought the portal itself was daunting, but this was something else. Ahead of us an organised force was doing battle with enormous, impossible beasts. Looking up I couldn't help but ask "Has the Sky fallen?" as what I saw looked like nothing I could possibly grasp. Perhaps it was a realm like this from which I summon my minions?

We descended the steps and met with Commander Duron who greeted us with the words "Welcome to Outland, welcome to the nightmare!".

"We're definitely not in Azeroth any more Jakpit" I murmered to my imp. But we were, finally, in Outland!

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