Saturday, 2 June 2007

Gnomish Mounts

Gnomes and their mounts are the butt of many jokes throughout Azeroth. Our racial steed is, wait for it, a mechanical bird, I think an Ostrich to be precise. Yes, you heard right, a mechanical Ostrich, otherwise known as a Mechanostrider. Now, being an engineer, I have no issues with mechanical beings. But creaking and clanking around on a large, metal bird just doesn't suit my Warlock image.
Luckily for me, a Warlock learns to summon their very own fiery Felsteed! This is a creature of darkness, a true mare of the night, perhaps a carrier of those dreams that wake you in the blackest hours filled with fear. Summoned from another realm they seem content to carry mighty Warlock's about their business.

I absolutely adore my Felsteed, and I enjoy few things more than galloping across the wilds, the wind whipping my hair as the sparks fly from her eyes and hooves.

But I'm no fool. I know how ridiculous I truly look, perched up on the back of my black steed. A tiny little gnome figure, clutching at the non-flaming bits of mane. Sometimes staying on can be a challenge, we don't appear to summon a saddle or reigns which makes things...interesting. My inner thigh muscles are the envy of any body builder!

Imagine my utter amazement when, waiting for a boat at Theramore harbor, I happened upon a fellow Warlock. This one was of human decent, and thus a good deal taller than myself. But this was not the cause of my amazement. No, it was the fact that my Felsteed was noticeably larger than the human's... Yes, this is totally true. The other was not shrunk or changed due to some spell. The powers that be had seen fit to make my Gnomish form appear yet smaller and more dimished by placing me on a larger than average Felsteed! Sadly, I don't have a picture to share with you as I was far too busy laughing at the Human for being on a smaller horse than me whilst muttering about how 'size does matter...'

Do not worry though, I may, you'll be astounded to hear, have found the solution to all the Gnome mount problems. A few days later I was in Ironforge, where I met with a Hunter friend of mine who had recently completed a task in Outland and had been gifted a pet as reward.

What do you think?

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