Monday, 12 April 2010

Rabbit Stew?

Bunnies! The world is over-run with bunnies. You can't move for them. According to the scholars in Stormwind Library a group of rabbits "is known as a colony or a nest". Personally I think they are a plague.

If hundreds of fluffy bunnies hopping about getting underfoot wasn't bad enough they jangle. Yes. I did say jangle. Like those little metal wind chimes. It's kinda pretty and nice at first, but after about, oooh two minutes, it might as well be fingernails down a blackboard!

Also, they lay eggs! Yep. They do. They lay eggs. Rabbits...laying eggs. Did you know they could do that? Well. they can. But only these rabbits.

Then there's a herd of pet rabbits (domestic rabbit groups are apparently called herds..) trapsing about after, well, pretty much everyone. Chiming and laying more eggs.

If that isn't enough there are Blossoming Branches which turn people into rabbits! So we have more rabbits, and ridiculously, raiding rabbits.

But, the worst of all is the game of "Shake your Bunny-Maker" which requires people to place bunny ears on unsuspecting females of each of the races. So I spend the entire holiday looking "cute" as Aggrion puts it. After he'd stopped laughing at his hilarious opening comment of "My! What big ears you have." that is. Yes, all the better to listen to your screams of agony, or is that wind chimes?

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