Friday, 23 March 2007

Affliction - The Way Forward

It's not all fun and games for a small, but perfectly formed, Warlock you know! I have been working hard exploring my new talents and let me tell you, I like what I see. I like it a lot!

I am causing my enemies considerable distress and not even having to pause for breath. I put my new talents to the test during a quest to kill Blacklash and Hematus, two dragons in the Badlands and then again when dealing with an unruly Princess in the Arathi Highlands, both with the help of a Warrior, Rogue and Priest. Despite running low on both mana and health I was able to use Dark Pact, draining mana from my imp and replace my health by draining the life of the target enemy.

Solo play was a little more tricky and at first I thought this path was not as ideal for 'grinding' as others would have me believe. But there's a trick to it all! Using my Voidwalker to act as my tank I was able to stand back and load up my target with Damage Over Time (dots) curses and spells. If I had enough mana I could blast them with shadow bolt, rarely grabbing their attention but taking them down quickly enough. If my mana's running low I simply use Life Tap to convert my life force into mana and then, having covered them in dots I use drain life, which seems to do a similar amount of harm to them as shadow bolt.

A steady rate of combat that required no down time even when killing enemies equal to or in excess of my experience level!

And of course there's nothing that makes a Warlock happier than watching their enemies writhing around on the floor, suffering from Curse of Agony, whilst being stomped on by a pissed off Voidwalker shortly before you drain the last of their life blood..... Who would have thought that work could be so much fun!?

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