Thursday, 22 March 2007

The Big Five-Oh!

Today I reached the heady heights (no mean feat for me that's for sure!) of level 50! Every even level 'ding' is exciting, because it means new spells and thus more power, but there's something very satisfying about reaching such a respectable level.

I celebrated in Gadgetzan in Tanaris by dancing with my somewhat over enthusiastic Voidwalker in the inn. A guild member later commented that Voidwalkers need love too. I however, know full well that my VoidWalker was just hoping that I would trip over, accidently breaking his bonds on the way so that he could rip me limb from tiny limb and scatter me about the place before heading off to wreak havoc on the rest of unsuspecting Azeroth. Little Gnome Warlocks like me don't place with fluffy pussy cats like so many hunters, no, we summon evil denizens of nether realms to do our bidding and we not only understand the dangers involved, we actively revel in them!

Weary from all the celebratory dancing, and tired of skipping over various tendrils sent out by my Voidewalker,I hopped on a Griphon and flew back to Ironforge to see what my friends in the Cavern had to teach me. The answer was frustratingly little :( Advancements to existing spells, but nothing new.

More than a little disappointed I was about to head off in search of some distraction when I was stopped by one of the trainers who said that an imp friend of his had requested a delivery of Felcloth. The imp, who goes by the name of Impsy (no really!) was waiting for me in the wilds of Felwood. Unexplored territory for this little gnome!

So I'll be hopping on my Felsteed to ride as fast as I can to Felwood, clutching my Felcloth. Hmmm, can anyone else see a pattern here?

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