Friday, 16 March 2007

So it begins

You join me, mystery reader, at a turning point in my career as a Warlock. I say career, but it is of course a vocation, a calling...part of my deepest core. This may have something to do with some parchment I signed just before getting my first lesson......

I have realised that the time has come to get serious about my path!

Having had a small wake up call in the cave system of Maraudon I spent at least 10 minutes feeling sorry for myself. What!? I was only doing 10% of the damage!? Surely this can't be right!!! I leave a firey trail of destruction everywhere I go.....

But, alas, it seemed it was time to grow up. I needed to stop playing with fire and, although my succubus, Jhorlia, complained bitterly at the removal of her Improved Lash of Pain, it was only right that I take high ground and start inflicting miserable illness and disease on all who opposed me!

So! Off I went down the path of Affliction. There are many benefits to this new route, not least that I am now able to feed off my minions! *cackles evilly*

Initial test drives have proved very positive. When out hunting with a warrior we were able to keep up a fair rate of combat and I did not need to stop for food/drink at any point, draining mana from my imp (who I was keeping out of combat most of the time) and using health drain to top up my health.

Only when I went for a little solo jaunt did things get a little more involved, as I needed my VoidWalker to keep the nasty critters away from me, but he, entirely incosniderately imo, insisted on using up all his mana! Even with this slight set back I am sure we made much better progress than I did before.

That Princess Theradras has got it coming that's for sure!!!

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