Saturday, 17 March 2007

Getting to know me

  • Full Name: Ary of Kharanos
  • Righty or Lefty: Lefty
  • The Clothes you wore today: Grimlock's Tribal Vestments and Stoneweaver Leggings
  • The shoes you wore today: Abjurer's Boots of the Eagle
  • Your fears: Being the minion and not the mistress!
  • Your most overused phrase: Yipeeeee! Hoooray!
  • Morning Glory Dew or Moonberry Juice: Morning Glory all the way!
  • Single or group dates: Single, easier to curse without an audience.
  • Do you Smoke: Only after casting Hellfire
  • Do you Curse: Curse of Agony is my favourite, but I also have Curse of Weakness, Curse of Elements, Cures of Tongues, Curse of Shadow.......
  • Do you shower daily: I sometimes swim in the sea, does that count?
  • Do you have a crush: Yes, but I think he's too tall for me :(
  • Do you believe in yourself: I have the power to bring people to their knees!
  • Do you like thunderstorms: If I'm friends with the Druid summoning it oh yes.
  • Have you ever flown: Yes, regularly on a Gryphon, and once Gahz'rilla threw me in the air. That was SO much fun!
  • Have you ever been intoxicated: No. You don't want to be around a drunk Warlock!
  • Gotten beaten up?: A Warlock never loses. And if they do, they wouldn't tell anyone!
  • Been in a fight: Daily!
  • How do you want to die?: Close enough to a priest to be ressurected with all my faculties intact.
  • What do you want to do as a career: Inflict pain and misery on all who oppose me!
  • When have you cried the most?: When my Compact Harvest Reaper died before I could get my repair kit out.
  • What's the best feeling in the world?: Watching my foe writhing in pain after I've cast Curse of Agony at them.
  • Worst Feeling?: Losing a Need Roll.

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