Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Oscar nominee?

I have a confession to make, I'm prone to the odd bit of reminiscing. Often these moments descend when I'm alone in one of the many bland tavern rooms where I seem to spend so much of my time. Of course a few glasses of the local beverage often have their part to play....

So having spent a few hours pouring over my collection of photos, I thought I might share with you some of the more memorable moments in my...uh...acting career.

My oldest disguise was during a foray into Dire Maul, where I found myself dressed as a Gordok Ogre. I particularly enjoyed the dancing, although I think my audience would have preferred less thrusting and wobbling of the belly.

I'd barely been through the portal and in Outland a few weeks before I was sticking feathers everywhere for my Arakkoa disguise. I couldn't help but cackle and rub my hands...umm claws...together but the shambling gate is deeply impractical.

Next I was posing, I uh mean undertaking serious espionage, in the guise of a Blood Elf. I must be honest, against all of my better judgement, I rather enjoyed these disguises. It's always interesting to see the world from a different viewpoint and I have a certain sympathy for the pure arrogance of the species. Plus they are very pretty, Aggrion certainly wore his disguise extremely well. It was nice to be able to look him in the eyes without needing him to sit down! However, it took weeks for my body to recover from the contortions I needed to perform in order to achieve their amazingly bad posture!

I definitely preferred the first look.

And now for my favourite disguise. This is, indeed, Aggrion and I hiding in crates. I found it incredibly cramped and smelly, and I have absolutely no idea how Aggrion managed to squeeze himself in, I do remember it taking quite some time to get him back out though! I'm still surprised our enemies didn't hear the whispering between the two innocuous little boxes that had quite suddenly appeared on the nearby wall, especially when one of them got a fit of the giggles and nearly shook herself onto the floor!

The wilds of Northrend have been no less demanding of my acting skills, I found myself dressed as a Worg whilst exploring the Howling Fjord. Not quite as uncomfortable as the crates but I'm not really sure why the costume had to come complete with its own family of fleas. And boy, do Worgs stink! Or maybe that was Aggrion...

And finally, the reason for this little trip down memory lane was my latest undercover operation. Sent by Serinar to investigate the Cult of the Damned in the Obsidian Dragonshrine of Dragonblight we were given disguises that took us by surprise. Aggrion's robes suited his shapely form far better than mine....

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