Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Fool for Love

I guess its pretty obvious to most people that I am extremely fond of Aggrion. I guess its pretty obvious to everyone except Aggrion. I decided to make an effort during the recent celebrations of love. I undertook some simple errands and was rewarded with a lovely red dress. I gathered together some pretty pink petals and fireworks that burst as a pink heart, all I needed was an activity that would provide a talking point and set the tone I was hoping for. I had seen lots of love-struck couples huddled together under heart-patterned umbrellas eating from hampers packed with champagne, strawberries, chocolates... Yes, a romantic picnic was ideal for what I had in mind.

Ideal but illusive. I spent days and days trying to track down a romantic picnic basket but it was not meant to be and as the festival drew to a close all had been sold or given away, an omen perhaps? Although disappointed I was determined not to let the season pass us by unmarked. So I made do with what I had and we enjoyed a pleasant meal of dried meat and chilled wine.


He admired the dress and enjoyed the petals and fireworks. He even brought along a fancy light beam, not quite candlelight but better than nothing. We laughed about how rarely we wear anything other than our armour and finished our wine, then I pulled on my robes and armour and packed away my dress and we continued to explore the Howling Fjord.

Should I take a hint? Is Aggrion really so oblivious or is he just playing at it so as not to risk hurting my feelings?

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