Sunday, 8 March 2009

Flying visit

Aggrion and I were taking a brief break in Silverbrook in the Grizzly Hills when the gentle hum of daily life was shattered by a noise falling somewhere between a shout and a scream "TAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!".

Aggrion was on his feet instantly, a cleaning rag in one hand, a dagger in the other. For someone who's so....laid back about personal hygiene, he sure spends a lot of time cleaning his weapons! I guess a spotless sword does more damage? A shiny shield reflects more hits? Definitely doesn't work on wands. The one time I cleaned my wand it stopped working entirely and I had to leave it out in the sun for a whole day to dry and even then it would occasionally spit water and soap bubbles instead of shadow bolts. More clown than Warlock.

A tap on my shoulder brought me out of my thoughts and I turned to see Lithurius, healer recently turned shadow priest, standing behind me.

"Hi! What did you think!?" He enthused at me.
"Of what?" I replied "And hey."

Content there was no immediate threat Aggrion had begun to examine his shield. He glanced at Lithurius for the briefest of seconds then looked away disinterested.

"You didn't see?" Asked Lithurius.

When I shook my head he frowned, a second later he was grinning like a lunatic and jumping on his flying rug. As he zoomed upwards I heard the words.

"Look up!"

I looked up, feeling slightly dizzy. Funny how when you tilt your head right back and look up into the sky you feel that you may fall over backwards at any moment. I concentrated on keeping my feet flat on the ground and focussed on the bottom of the receding rug. I became aware that Aggrion was also looking skyward. The rug became a dot, then even that disappeared.

I was just about to glance away when a smudge appeared, growing rapidly in size, I soon realised it must be Lithurius, falling to his death! Suddenly a puff of smoke appeared, a cloud perhaps? Whatever it was, it was slowing Lithurius's decent. As he glided to the ground his yell of "Taaaaaadaaaaaaaa!" echoed through the woodland and he landed without a sound a few feet in front of me, bowing with a flourish.

I applauded enthusiastically. Aggrion stood, adjusted his shining weaponry, looked over at me, inclined his head slightly and walked away to talk with one of the townsfolk.

I smiled at Lithurius.

"Looks like it's time to go! Thanks for dropping in."
"He always like that?" Asked Lithurius, looking over at Aggrion.
"Yeah, he's not big on chatting." I answered.
"Hmmm, you should hang out with me more then." Lithurius, winked with a grin and hopping nimbly onto his rug said. "I could take you to new heights!"

As he zoomed upwards I waved at him, thinking for a moment how much fun it must be to fly across the wilds of Northrend on a magical rug. But my Gryphon was stabled in Shattrath and my sewing skills were not up to rug making.

A few hours later we were clinging to the back of a horse on a white knuckle chase through the woodland. It turned out the entire village were werewolves and having uncovered the truth we were making our escape. Aggrion slashing at anything that came close, with me facing backwards casting fireballs. As we came in sight of Amberpine Lodge we slowed and perhaps that's why we were able to hear the pitiful shouts coming from high in the treetops.

It took me a minute to realise what I was actually seeing. A giant flag on top of one of the tallest trees. A giant flag shouting "Help! I'm stuck! Get me down!". I shook my head. No, not a flag...a rug...and it wasn't the rug that was shouting it was the small priest clinging to it....

Our rider slowed to a halt and Aggrion looked up, following my gaze. A pause, one second, two seconds, three seconds and his daggers began to rattle against his armour as he began to chuckle, then to laugh, a deep, deep laugh from right down in his belly and he didn't really stop for the rest of the day

I rode with the local Gryphon Master to help untangle Lithurius.

"Told you I'd show you new heights." He grinned sheepishly as we finally loosed him.

We last saw him flying off rather unsteadily due to the large hole in the rug grumbling about the cost of Iceweb Spider Silk and Imbued frostweave.

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