Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Endings and Beginnings

We made it! My warrior companion, Aggrion, and I hit level 80 within seconds of one another. This was by no means an easy feat and required significant amounts of co-ordination and planning. The final moment was timed and we counted down the seconds to talking to our quest giver, knowing that his reward would be the last we needed.

"One, two, three...." counted Aggrion.

(I know, I was surprised he could too!)

And then it all happened in a rush.

The wings of a great drake darkened the sky as another adventurer swooped down to converse with Thassarian.

"Wait!" I urged.
"Go!" Shouted Aggrion.

The familiar yellow glow surrounded my friend and I took just a split second to decide to go ahead and speak with Thassarian myself. I was instantly blinded by a bright light that filled me with an almost overwhelming sense of achievement. The weight of months of adventuring, working ever towards this moment lifted from my shoulders. I couldn't help but be deeply proud that we had made it so far, and done so together, a solid team.

But of course even the best laid plans of Warlocks and Warriors go awry. The interruption from our fellow adventurer, Xr had caused confusion and ruined a fantastic photo opportunity.

Even so, Aggrion appearing as a half-elf/half-gorilla beast does make for amusing if not epic imagery :)

So now we begin to explore the heroic instances of Northrend. This will be a true test of our skill and mettle and we will embark on this next phase of our careers with interest!

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